REIKI and your Pet...


Reiki works holistically, it can help with any condition, reaching the mental, emotional and physical levels within the body.

Have you ever wondered what to do when your pet suddenly starts acting out of character or becomes destructive?

When pets act out of character or become destructive, it can be their way of communicating to us that something isn’t right with them or their home life. 


Pets can easily become unsettled, worried, jealous or even angry towards new arrivals in the home, whether it be another animal, a baby, child or adult. The result is usually some form of abnormal behaviour.


Animals that are unhappy, bored, overcrowded, lack exercise and stimulation, or perhaps has a poor diet, can suffer with a weakened immune system and behavioural problems. Reiki can help to promote general wellbeing, improving the immune system.


Sometimes the problems within the animal are directly related to the owners’ emotional issues and recent event in their life. Animals read our energy, they sense our emotions and moods, whether we are nervous, excited, calm, happy, and sad – the list goes on.  It is not unusual for an animal to have Reiki only to find that the owner needs Reiki even more!


Is your pet nervous or easily stressed?

If your pets is nervous or easily stressed, it may be struggling with a weakened immune system.  Reiki can help to promote general wellbeing, which in turn helps to strengthen the immune system and allow your pet to release negative energy. The outcome is a more confident and relaxed animal. 


Is your pet frightened of fireworks?

Very few animals are comfortable on those nights when fireworks are going off randomly, some are even poorly for a few days during and following the week of firework events.  However, if you book your pet in for a few Reiki sessions before the fireworks week, it may help boost their resilience, and I can discuss with you ways in which you can help your animal feel safer and less anxious. 


Do you have a pet that is frightened of visiting the vets?

Reiki healing can help your pet overcome the dreaded visit to the vets. Distant healing is most often used when an appointment cannot be made in time for your visit to the vet - by sending Reiki to the situation with the intent that everything will be calm and easy; that the car journey will go well; to the waiting room and treatment room; to the animal, visualising what is going to happen, that there is nothing to worry about and that it is all for their own good, whatever the reason for their visit. 


Have you ever wondered if your pet grieves or gets depressed?

The answer is yes they do and Reiki can help. Just like us, animals grieve and can be sad and depressed after losing an animal or human, and the effects can linger for a long time. Reiki healing energy is naturally comforting and helps to bring balance in the body and mind, improving general wellbeing.


Do you have a pet that is recovering from an operation or injury?

Reiki healing energy can assist your animal in recovery after surgery or illness. The natural energy balancing properties of Reiki healing provides a better environment within the body, allowing orthodox and other treatments to function more fully.  


Is your pet in pain from arthritis and joint problems?

Reiki helps to re-balance energy levels in the body allowing natural healing remedies to work more efficiently i.e. releasing endorphins in the body which is nature's own way of acting as a pain killer and in turn bring natural pain relief for arthritis and joint problems.


Do you have a rescue animal that needs to settle into its new home?

Most rescued animals come with issues from their past. Often they have been abused by humans, which can lead to a very unhealthy and unhappy animal.  Reiki can help them to release negative energy from the past, with the release comes a feeling of inner peace, which will help them to properly settle into their new home life and feel more confident and relaxed.


Jealousy or bullying behaviour


Sometimes bringing a new animal into a home where other animals already live can cause problems, you may detect jealousy, bullying, depression, or withdrawn behaviour. Reiki can be given to all concerned to help balance the new relationships that are being built.


If what you seek isn't listed above, please get in touch with me and share your experience so that I can help you!