People say the nicest things...


What a fantastic 4 hour session. Practical and very informative   Highly recommended for any one who's interested in healing with sound and vibration. We had some giggles, I must say I dont know how many times I could have just drifted in to a "sound" sleep. ;) Purely because the loving nurturing and supportive, reverberations were blending with beautiful energies from the group and the acoustics were bouncing off the walls... and I am defo going to be investing in a trio of singing bowls... the sound bath demonstration by our lovely Glynis Lazenby was simply amazing. Thank you  - Aaron, Swansea, June 2019


Huge thanks to Cathy and Glynis, wonderful workshop, very informative for anyone who is interested in learning how to incorporate sound therapy into their treatments, or for themselves. Enjoyed every aspect of the workshop drumming, drum journeying, tuning forks and singing bowls. Fantastic energy from all participants and lovely to meet you all. Would highly recommend the workshop. - Alison, Llanelli, June 2019


A big thank you to Cathy and Glynis for a truly informative and hands on Reiki with Vibrational Sound Workshop l attended today.  l never fail to come from their guidance with more knowledge, my whole Reiki journey has now obtained another pathway of Vibrational sound with drums, balancing forks and singing bowls, l would certainly recommend anyone who has an inkling re these sounds and the benefit of their uses to attend the workshop. Thank you to two lovely Ladies. - Margaret, Ponteberem, June 2019


Just recently completed Level 2 and once again training from Cathy & Glynis surpassed all expectations that I had.  They make a fantastic team and are both easy to communicate with.  The course flows well and is easy to digest.  Cathy & Glynis are both knowledgeable and everything is explained/demonstrated with plenty of hands on practical under their supervision.  I thank them so much for being apart of my journey. - Aaron, Swansea, March 2019


I really enjoyed being taught by Cathy and Glynis. Their different backgrounds complimented the course. I've had a look through the manual it looks really professional and I know it will be a good resource aid for me.  I found the course to be well structured and although it was a one day intensive course I didn't find it rushed or hurried. It was at a pace that I could absorb the information.

I had some distance to travel to the course. But can honestly say it was well worth the journey. I found that both Cathy and Glynis were very professional in their delivery of the course and brought their own teaching styles. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone that was interested. -
Andrew, Cardiff, March 2019


I have just completed Reiki Level 1 with the Reiki Roadshow Academy and can honesty say that this course more than met my expectations and was very in depth for 2 x half day course.  In general the course was such a positive experience and I learned so much from the history of Reiki to how to perform Reiki itself.  Both Cathy and Glynis were very welcoming and explained everything thoroughly.  I would highly recommend this course. - Amber, Llanelli


I was nervous about doing my Reiki Level 1 training but Cathy and Glynis put me at ease straight away and it was excellent training, very calming and easy to understand.  Cathy and Glynis are lovely ladies and would recommend this course to anyone thinking about doing Level 1.  I'm delighted to have qualified in my First Degree training course with the Reiki Roadshow Academy  - Julie, Llanelli


I recently attended a wonderful two-day Reiki Drum Technique Course which was run by Master-Teachers, Cathy Klar & Glynis Lazenby. These friendly, inspiring, knowledgeable ladies delivered the course content with enthusiasm AND gentle encouragement, (especially helping build student-confidence during practical activities)!

The course Content was an excellent balance of theory and practice and the very comprehensive Course Manual provided is a great reference point. I absolutely loved every minute of this Course and learnt SO much in a beautiful little Sanctuary, encouraged by the most loving & supportive group energies.

Now, I look forward to putting into practice, Reiki Drum Technique skills, when delivering Reiki healing treatments to clients, friends and family, in future.  Without any doubt, I would highly recommend this Course!  A heartfelt “Thank You!” to you both Cathy and Glynis for inspiring me. -
Amanda, Carmarthen, January 2019


I would highly recommend this 2 day drumming healing course.
It’s very informative and I learned a lot of new techniques to put into practice.

The teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and adaptable as they were able to answer questions that arise during the course.

The space where the course took place has a beautiful spiritual energy which is very conducive to learning

There is a good balance between information and practical activities which made it an interesting two days  I loved every minute of it
Thank you both [❤️] 
- Kim, Pontyates, January 2019


I highly recommend this drumming course with teachers Cathy Klar and Glynis Lazenby. They are both caring and sensitive in their approach to sharing the power of the drum combined with Reiki healing. A highlight for me was being drummed into the higher and lower worlds to meet the spirit of our drum. The most powerful was drumming for others on their journey. A safe and loving environment for expanding knowledge of the power of sound in healing.  - Eileen, Kidwelly, January 2019


I found the Reiki Drum Healing Technique 2 day course very informative and uplifting.  I benefited from the course and I know I will definitely use the combination of drumming and reiki in the future. I commend both Cathy and Glynis on their teaching skills. - Lesley, Llanelli, January 2019


I have spent the most magical day with Cathy and Glynis as they led me through the different meditations and attunements for Reiki Level 2.  I cannot speak highly enough of Cathy’s and Glynis' loving and caring manner as they performed these sacred ceremonies, it was a very emotional session.


I feel that I am now vibrating on a much higher frequency, an integral component of that magic alchemy of Love, enabling me to become a clearer channel for those who come to me for Reiki treatments.  I highly recommend Cathy and Glynis as wonderful Reiki Master Teachers to train with, who will walk with you through this beautiful journey!


In humble gratitude - Eileen, LLanelli, South Wales, November 2018


l completed my Reiki First Degree training with Cathy and Glynis last Friday. As soon as l met these two lovely ladies l felt relaxed and comfortable. During the day l received an intense understanding of the Western and Japanese Reiki teaching. it was all explained to me in a calm and informative way verbally, with handouts and hands on. Thankyou so much Cathy and Glynis l look forward to my Reiki journey. - Margaret, Pontyberem, South Wales, October 2018


Brilliant Master teachers who teach in a calming environment.   Cathy and Glynis are both very welcoming people. - Aaron, Swansea, October 2018


I personally enjoyed and benefited from the relaxed and informal method of teaching. I felt comfortable and was encouraged to ask questions. It was useful to have two teachers so that techniques could be demnstrated. It was also great to have the two teachings covered; Japanese and Western, so that we could almost choose and incorporate elements of either as we wished.


I would recommend the Reiki Roadshow Level 1 course for anyone looking to find a calmness of mind and greater clarity of thought, in fact to anyone on a spiritual journey. I feel as if I have gained immensely from the course, having a greater understanding of energy, power of the mind, chakras and everyone’s ability to access this wonderful healing method. Without exception I have felt the fog in my mind clear after giving or receiving reiki.


Personally, I need to stop overthinking within my reiki practice, and to completely surrender, but with time I’m confident I can achieve this. It’s comforting to know that I am welcome to call upon Cathy and Glynis for any advice while on this journey. They are such an inspiration and are both very accepting, understanding, warm, friendly and massively supportive.


DIOLCH, you are both amazing xx - Catrin, Pontyates, Wales, July 2018


The trainers were really friendly, helpful and willing to answer questions in a happy and relaxed atmospher. I really liked the 'hands on' approach to our training and the handouts were really helpful too. Thank you Cathy and Glynis for making my First Degree training so enjoyable. - anonymous, Llanelli, July 2018


"I have just completed my Reiki Level 1 with Cathy and it was brilliant! I wasn't sure what was going to be discussed or shown but the course was very relaxed and very informative and I found it really good that you can get to practice Reiki on others.  There was nothing to worry about as Cathy guides you all the way!! I will definitely be back to do my Reiki Level 2"   Heather, Llanelli, Wales, February 2018


I count myself very lucky to live near Cathy and her wonderful healing gift. When I feel I need a boost, if my energy is low, or I just need some clarity, relaxation and a way back to my centre, reiki with Cathy is where I go. Most of my visits have been to rebalance my energy during challenging times but I once also went for a sports injury. Today, I was fortunate enough to have reiki healing with the drum, and it was stunning! I experienced the familiar wave sensations but also a great sense of serenity and gratitude after I left. Cathy is a genuine, warm, friendly and engaging person and has always shown compassion, sensitivity and respect during my sessions. Highly recommended for anyone looking for some healing for whatever reason, rebalancing and deep relaxation. Catrin, Llanelli, Wales


My Reiki treatment with Cathy was fantastic. She tunes in perfectly with what you really need. My back problem is so much better after my session and she has been kind enough to provide extra distance healing also, at no additional cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Reiki by Cathy. You will not be disappointed. Glynis, Llanelli, Wales


My first session with Cathy was so relaxing..not had a painful back since..highly recommend..such a nice lady even my horses were pleased with her reiki session x - Julieanne, Llanelli, Wales


"Just had my first session. AMAZING!  Felt totally releaxed. Looking forward to the next one already."  - Catherine, Llanelli, Wales


"I definitely recommend Cathy, I have had a few Reiki sessions and felt brilliant and very relaxed afterwards. I have also seen how both my Westies react during their grooming session around Cathy, so she definitely has the Gift". - Julie, Milton Keynes


"Cathy has a calming and lovely nature that shows and flows, I felt so relaxed, comfortable and even had no pain or stomach bloating for a few days. I would 100% recommend Cathy and can't wait for my next Reiki session." - Sam, Daventry


"Cathy is very calming, relaxing and explains what she will be doing, reassuring all before starting. I would highly recommend Cathy for a Reiki treatment with or without stress or tension! Enjoy!" - Heather, Kent


"Really relaxing - clears your mind! Definitely have it again!" - Lorraine, Milton Keynes


"Very good experience, was a little unsure what I would experience, but feel clear, centered and peaceful. Will definitely be back. Thank you Cathy." - Silvana, Milton Keynes


"I have had a few sessions with Cathy so far and feel quite boisterous afterwards, which is welcome as I am menopausal, and energy can fluctuate. I will be a regular, Reiki does make a difference." - Nikki, Milton Keynes


"My dog Bobby has a lesion on his spine, he can't walk unaided and suffers with chronic colitis, poor Bobby never has much energy for anything, hence I was hoping Reiki might do something. I phoned for an initial consultation with Cathy and made an appointment at my home. The first session took approximately 20 minutes and Bobby very happily lapped up the energy. He seemed very relaxed and comfortable with Cathy and slept from that moment for five hours solid, when I actually had to wake him up for his 4pm dinner. By 4.30pm, he was fast asleep again, I woke him for a brief wee break at 9pm and again he was straight off to sleep. He obviously needed this long sleep, and the Reiki must have done something because the next day, he was full of energy. A very welcome sight to see." - Helen, Bletchley 







Often a pet wants to join in when their owner is receiving Reiki, as you can see above, Roxy is very inquisitive!