If you and a friend or partner would like to experience a healing treatment together, we offer a double treatment which will be carried out in a safe and relaxing environment with Cathy and Glynis.  This experience utilises Reiki Energy and Vibrational Sound Healing, including using the drum, tuning forks and more. You and your partner will be treated in the same room, on separate treatment tables, side by side simultaneously.


Reiki is a safe and natural method of healing.  It is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes wellbeing.  With such a deep relaxation response and calming effect, Reiki can help to alleviate pain, reduce tension in muscles and help release mental and emotional stress through energetic transfers.


You will need to travel to Five Roads, Llanelli for a session which will last for about an hour and will cost £45 for the two of you (normally £60). You will also need to allow an extra 20-30 minutes for a consultation before and afterwards.  Refreshments will be offered at the end of the treatment to keep you grounded.


So why not treat your friend or loved one and feel the unique emotional tie our special session can bring?  To book call Cathy on 07879 638113 or Glynis on 07909 970823 .  Due to our rural locations, we donít always pick up calls, in which case, please leave a message with your details and we will get back to you.


Reiki blessings,

Cathy & Glynis