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If you have problems - physical, emotional or mental, that just won't go away, maybe it's time to try something different... try Reiki healing...


What is Healing?

Healing is as old as time. Everything we see, touch, smell and hear is matter vibrating at a different frequency, the heavier the object, the slower the vibration. Humans are a field of energy, within a universe of energy.


Emotional, mental and physical stress can create blockages and imbalances in our energy field. Energy Therapy aims to find and help release those blockages.


Who's it for?

Anyone, any age, any problem. But, you don't have to come with a ‘problem', you may just need to escape and relax for a while!


What's involved?

Most clients prefer to lie down (and relax), others sit in a chair. Your energy field is ‘checked' and energy is channelled to you. You may have very complex problems that require several sessions or you may only feel the need for one session.


How will you feel?

Most people say they feel very relaxed, calm and rested. Others feel invigorated and uplifted. During the treatment, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling, you may see colours when your eyes are closed, everybody is different, you may feel nothing!


Is your energy unpredictable or lacking?

Physical, mental and emotional ‘stuff' can drain our battery. When and how do we top it up? Does food provide all the ‘energy' we need, or is there another form of energy that can be tapped in to? The answer is yes! Energy surrounds us and flows through us along energy pathways, known as ‘meridians'. But these pathways can become blocked, by all that ‘stuck stuff', which affects the body's ability to remain in balance and to heal.


Added to this, have you noticed how some people seem to energise you when you are near them, yet others leave you feeling drained? Because your energy field extends beyond your physical body, as you go about your day, you are ‘merging' with many energy fields — humans, animals and electromagnetic fields. Some people are giving, some are taking energy from you.


During a Reiki treatment, the energy goes where it is needed, in response to the needs of the person receiving it. It works on both physical and emotional levels.


Research has shown that Reiki can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help in the management of pain and speed-up wound healing. It can be used alongside any other healthcare, or by itself.