Going back as far as I can remember, I have grown up surrounded by dogs, rabbits, hamsters and birds so its no big surprise that my passion for animals continued into my adult life.  The thing I love most about animals is that they give unconditional love, loyalty and faithfulness and my experience tells me that a cared for animal will love YOU more than it loves itself! 


My affection for horses started in my teens but I didnít start riding until I was about 28 and thatís when my journey with horses began.


Over the years I have been fortunate to ride some beautiful horses and they have offered me comfort and healing in times of stress and at some very low points in my life.  Being with a horse makes me appreciate the simplicity of nature and I have spent many an hour watching these gentle creatures at play in a field. 


Becoming a Dog Groomer


I first developed an interest in dog grooming when I decided to learn how to groom my own Westie on a short course at Moulton College in Northampton in 2003.  It was after completing the course that I decided I would quite like to take up dog grooming as a profession so looked into developing as a dog groomer.


In 2004 I went on to do my training at Charney Kennels in Oxford and after successfully completing a four week intense course I decided to take the plunge. I resigned from my job as a legal secretary in London and started up a mobile dog grooming service working from a purpose fitted van.


I soon became too busy for the van and 2 years on opened up a salon in March 2007 where I continued to run a successful dog grooming salon for another 7 years. I absolutely loved every minute of running my business and got to know some wonderful dogs, some of whom came to mean a great deal to me.


Unfortunately due to health reasons I was forced to hand over my salon to a new groomer and it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.  On my search for something that would fill the void that giving up my business would leave, I started to take an interest in Reiki.  When I realised Reiki could be beneficial to animals as well, I knew that this was the pathway I wanted to take and so a new chapter in my life had begun.




I undertook my training through Reiki Evolution using the Mikao Usui Japanese system.


I find the Japanese style suits me best, as it's uncomplicated, simplistic and focuses on working intuitively. The aim is to honour the original teachings of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki and live by the Precepts that he taught as part of your life.




Just for today,

...Do not anger
...Do not worry
...Be humble
...Be honest in your dealings with people
...Be compassionate towards yourself and others


I am a fully insured, certified:

Reiki Master Teacher/ Practitioner

Reiki Drum Healing Master Practitioner

Animal Reiki Practitioner

Equine Reiki Practitioner


I mainly work from my own treatment room in my home but I am happy to offer home visits. 


I live in Five Roads, Llanelli and can travel within a 5 mile radius. I am happy to travel further, but this will attract an additional fee (please contact me to discuss this).


Thank you for looking at my site - I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes,


Cathy Klar

Dog First Aider


I am a qualified dog first aider completing a first aid for dogs with Animal Aiders in July 2015 and covering the following: 

Basic health signs

Wounds, Burns, Bleeding, Shock

Limb problems



Stomach conditions


Eye injuries

First aid situations    

Road Traffic Accident  


Chemical Poisoning    

Ingested Poisoning      

Animal Fight            

Animal Drowning      

Heat Stroke            

Gastric Torsion